Serratus Anterior Exercises

Are you looking for the best serratus anterior exercises? There are great exercises for that area, but most people at the gym tend to ignore that muscle. Many people suffer from shoulder pains because they do not have proportional bodies due to working out certain muscle groups more than others. The serratus anterior is often times neglected. The muscle imbalance problem can be fixed if individuals would focus some time on serratus anterior exercises.

If you have ever tried doing woodchoppers with cables while you are standing up, then you can try it while you are sitting on an exercise ball with a medicine ball in your hands. Not only does it work on your core muscle area, but it will also help your serratus anterior muscles. This can be a very tough exercise at first, but you are used to it, it will become easier, and perhaps you can use a heavier medicine ball to increase the resistance.

Besides doing woodchoppers on the exercise ball, you can also do exercise ball rollouts. When you first try this exercise, you might have difficulty rolling the ball back towards you. It is absolutely fine as it takes practice to become better. While the abs are the main focus of this exercise, the serratus anterior muscles are being worked on as you are pulling the ball back to starting position. You will definitely feel the burn!

A lot of famous bodybuilders do the dumbbell pullovers. They believe that it is one of the best in the list of serratus anterior exercises. It requires a lot of that specific muscle area as you are pulling the dumbbell back to the starting position above you. You need to make sure your upper back is correctly positioned on the bench because you might end up hurting your back. You need to check to see that your arms are fully extended. Do not rush to do this exercise as you need to do this slowly to get the full effects.

Many individuals believe that they can spot reduce the fat on the serratus anterior muscle area. The truth is that this is impossible because when you lose fat, you are losing fat all around the body. No matter how many isolation exercises you do for that area, it will not help burn fat specifically in that area. If you improperly exercise that muscle group, then you can pull a tendon and cause severe pain. If you are suffering pain while doing serratus anterior exercises, then should seek a doctor for help and discontinue exercises for the time being.

One of the best sports that require lots of serratus anterior muscle movements is hockey. The constant motion of hitting the puck requires the movement of that specific muscle often in the sport. Before you begin working out on your serratus anterior muscle group, make sure you warm up to get your muscles ready for exercise. This will reduce the chance of pulling or straining the muscles. There are many other exercises that hit the area, but the ones mentioned are some of the best methods.

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