Proteins and carbohydrates-Best after Workout Foods

Today fitness is a top priority among young and old alike. This is evident from the number of gyms and workout spaces which are mushrooming not only in big cities but small towns as well. Being fit is a fad among men and women alike. People are more aware of their health and physiques and this accounts for different workout styles. But exercise shows the best results when it is accompanied by a good diet.

A good workout depletes energy while burning calories and therefore a good and proper diet is very necessary to keep the body strong and free of injury. An after workout meal is the most important meal because it is through this meal that the body’s fluids and energy is replenished. A good meal helps to bring back the lost energy and also strengthen and maintain lean muscle.

Food Metabolism:

There is no fluid as good as water to replenish the spent body fluids that are lost through exercise. Drinking water makes up for the fluid loss and reduces the chances of dehydration, heat stroke and exhaustion. In addition to water there are also a number of energy drinks and shakes that are available in the market and can also be made at home. Nutritionists are of the opinion that for best results one should eat or snack on something within 45 minutes to an hour after exercise. This is the time when the body is primed to absorb lost carbohydrates and proteins and the metabolic activity is at its strongest. The increased rate of metabolism means that the body is able to burn excess calories while absorbing much needed energy form the meal or snack.

Ideal Food:

An after workout meal ideally should consist of a balance of protein and carbohydrates. Proteins help to strengthen and build muscle while carbohydrates help to maintain the body energy. Snacking on a dried nuts and dry fruits, eggs and toast, eating a lean chicken or tuna or vegetable sandwich, snacking on fruits or having a fruit or vegetable juice are ideal after workout foods. The other healthy options are having chocolate milk, or cereals, a protein bar or a protein shake. These are the best sources of protein and carbohydrates, much needed for the body.

When we talk of proteins one should always remember that the body is better able to break down an assimilate whey protein in powder or a shake rather than protein from a steak. Protein shakes and powders have the required easy to absorb proteins and carbohydrates which are assimilated into the body easily and also maintain the body’s fluid content.

Sources of Protein and Carbohydrates:

If one’s meal time comes soon after a workout session a protein rich diet is favored. There a re a number of choices when it comes to a diet rich in proteins. Egg whites, cottage cheese or paneer, turkey, chicken , lean red meat, tuna, shrimp, soy, tofu, whole grains , brown breads, lentils, whole grain pasta, etc are excellent sources of proteins and carbohydrates and as such make for ideal after workout foods.

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