Protein shake recipes

For those into bodybuilding, muscle building and weight training, nutrition plays a major role in their routine. It is essential to make sure that a high protein diet is followed to keep at par with your body requirements. Also making sure that your protein diet is intact assures you that your muscle building is faster, body repairs are quick and you don’t suffer from psychological lows. A simple whey protein shake everyday might sound like a very boring supplement to have. On the contrary there are several protein shake recipes that you can try out. These are easy to make and will spruce up your taste buds making your workouts something to look forward to.

Whey protein shakes are a good way of making sure that your supply your body with enough of nutrients to help your muscle grow. If not, your body will begin to use your muscle mass as fuel, resulting in muscle breakdown. On the other hand too much whey protein too is not good at it could lead to negative nitrogen balance and also lead to a catabolic state.

Whey protein shakes are simple to make, infact you could whip some up instantly at home without a fuss. Some of the best tasting whey protein shakes are a result of whipping up some milk, a good whey protein powder and some fresh fruit from your refrigerator. The results are lip smacking and the best part is that it contains all the vital nutrients and supplements your body needs. If you are interested in trying out something different from the regular fruits whey protein shake recipes, then you can look up the internet for some easy protein shake recipes that you can whip up.

For those interested in burning calories yet making sure that they feed their muscle mass enough, should look up some wonderful low calorie protein shake recipes. These are healthy protein shake recipes that make use of fresh fruits or even vegetables. Some interesting ones in this category is the banana protein shake, orange protein shake, strawberry protein shake, wild berry protein shake and lots more. All of these shakes are high in nutrients making use of the all essential whey protein powder and fresh fruits. Thus you enjoy healthy benefits because of its zero fat content and inclusion of high energy ingredients.

An advantage is that there are different flavours of whey protein powder that you can easily buy from any store.  You can choose the highly sought after vanilla whey powder or even the chocolate whey powder. All you need to do is combine them with dry fruits like walnuts or even plums for an energising shake. There are several vanilla protein shake recipes that you can look up and easily blend at home within a few seconds. Some great vanilla protein shake recipes are the “Lemon and Plum cooler shake” that makes use of ripe plums and lemon juice with enough ice cubes. Not only is it a great summer protein shake recipe but a coolant that will make your workouts even enjoyable

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