Optimum Nutrition Announces Platinum Hydrowhey

Optimum Nutrition has just announced their latest whey protein product, Platinum Hydrowhey. This comes as big news as Optimum has been holding out on the bodybuilding community for quite some time about this release, things we’re kept very quiet! Optimum usually goes the GNC route when launching their new products, but this time internet retailers we chosen to lunch Platinum Hydrowhey to the public.

Platinum HydroWhey is lactose free (as well as cholesterol free and sugar free) it bears no resemblance whatsoever to any other protein on the market.

While whey protein isolates are indeed an outstanding source of protein (they are the predominant protein in ON 100% Whey Gold Standard), they are still structurally long chains of amino acids.

Whey protein hydrolysates (HWP) are whey proteins that have been broken down into smaller pieces that are able to be digested faster and more completely by the body than intact proteins and even individual (free form) amino acids. Faster protein absorption is especially beneficial first thing in the morning to ?break your fast? and after workouts to supply important amino acids that aid in the repair and rebuilding of muscle.

ON Platinum HydroWhey is 100% hydrolyzed whey protein isolates. The process of producing this unprecedented protein begins with ultra-pure whey protein isolates which are hydrolyzed into smaller pieces for ultra-fast absorption. Then these hydrolyzed whey protein isolates are augmented with micronized branched chain amino acids to provide 8.8 grams of muscle-supporting BCAAs in each serving. To enhance utilization of the 30 grams of premium protein packed into each serving, Platinum HydroWhey also contains and extensive digestive enzyme blend built around patented Aminogen.

What Platinum HydroWhey has to offer is impressive. So is what it lacks. There?s no sugar, no lactose, and no cholesterol. The taste is absolutely amazing considering there?s only 2 grams of carbohydrates and a gram of fat. Without a doubt, Platinum HydroWhey is Optimum Nutrition?s most valuable protein yet.

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