How To Increase Vascularity

Are you trying to find out how to increase vascularity? Most bodybuilders and even average Joes would love to increase vascularity. There are many factors that can determine how much you can increase: training, diet, supplements, water, and electrolyte balance.

We can begin by discussing about the diet that you need to increase vascularity. Creatine in steak and other foods, red wine, simple sugars, enough complex carbs along with great sources of high quality protein and fat, all contribute to increase vascularity. You need to eat a lot, and taking in enough elements such as salt and fat from food are very crucial. You do not have to eat unhealthy fat such as butter, but you can use olive oils, fish oils, flaxseeds for example of good healthy sources of fat.

An interesting fact is that hot food will help increase your vascularity. Nothing happens to you when you eat a cold steak because the creatine is already gone from the food source, and without the heat, the fat and sodium from the steak will not go into your cells. Overall, food should be your main source as supplements. Many novice individuals believe that as long as they take supplements, they will become huge and muscular, but without proper diet, they will not see results.

One of the greatest supplements to have to increase vascularity is nitric oxide. With nitric oxide, individuals can experience a pump in their muscles for an entire day. Nitric oxide can enhance the muscles’ hardness automatically. Researchers claim that NO will help individuals push past plateaus in workout to force the body to go into anabolic growth phase and build more muscles. NO will help promote performance, endurance, recovery, and muscle size. Vascularity will not only make you look great, but it has great benefits to your journey to build muscles.

Third, we will talk about the importance of water to help increase vascularity. Your body’s cells depend heavily on the replenishment of water. If you do not drink enough water, then water balance will shift outward to your skin instead of your cells. This will not give you the vascular appearance.

Many bodybuilders would tell you to drink something that has electrolyte, such as Gatorade and Powerade. Even if you don’t want to drink those, you can eat a big giant juicy steak before posing for a bodybuilding contest. A baked potato can also help increase your vascularity to look like a freak.

You do not need to take steroids or anything else illegal to see huge veins popping out of your skin that you have always desired. The natural approach is very simple, and as long as you do it right, you will see results naturally. If you have too much fat hidden beneath your skin, then you will not see much vascularity. This is why it is important to do cardio and watch your diet so you can get ripped up for bodybuilding contests or just want to show off your body at the beach!

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