Giant Rat Got Pumped From Protein Powder

“I have never seen such a big rat” said by Vidar Pedersen to the newspaper VG. Vidar is an amateur bodybuilder who had an visitor in his pantry. A gigantic rat, that had gotten bigger and bigger by eating from his bags of protein and creatine powder.

“I had a 50 pound bag with protein powder in my basement. There was a big hole in the side and about half of the protein powder had been eaten by the rat” said Vidar Pedersen. He had a laugh about the fact he a been feeding this giant rat protein powder and thought that this would make a great ad for the powder. The rat was not big, it was huge and muscular as well.

During autumn the giant rat had destroid his basement. Pedersen thinks the rat came in through a pipe in the foundation.
“We had seen it a few times. My neighbours was not been to eager to wash their clothes because of the rat. I guess a lot of laundry was piling up in their apartments” said Vidar.

It beat the trap three times
He wrote about his problem on Facebook and got some quick advise on how to catch the monster. Airgun, shotgun and poison was some of the suggestions, but and old fashion rat trap did the trick.
The bait was peanut butter and cheese, something the rat found more interesting that the protein powder. The rat was able to beat the trap three times before the trap got it. The dead animal is not been measured but it is at least 20 inches.

Big and heavy
The director of Food Safety Authority Tor Olav Aas had never seen such a big rat before.
“A normal rat can grow up to 15 inches. 20 inches is very abnormal, but first and foremost the animal is very heavy” said Aas.
The director said that the rat had found a great food source.
“For a rat that is used to eating garbage, protein powder must have been fine dining” said Aas. Protein powder is considered building blocks of the muscles while creatine is extra nutrition to increase performance and improve muscle mass.

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