Fish Oil. Why Would A Bodybuilder Use it?

Fish oil is highly recommended to every person, whether he/she is a sedentary one or not. As for the bodybuilders, or for the athletes, the fish oil is even more recommended.


First of all, let’s see what fish oil really is: basically, it is oil extracted from oily fish. As simple as that. Though, the properties of fish oil are unique, and due to their advantages, they are nowadays used by people all over the world.

The fish oil its known to have omega 3 fatty acids. These acids are the perfect cure for the heart of every living body. They can lower the pulse of the heart, as well as they contribute a lot at the arterial pressure reduction. It has been reported that, while an athlete who was suffering of high blood pressure took fish oil each day, his arterial pressure dropped out to normal values.

But that is not the only important advantage that  fish oil is offering. It is a known  fact that healthy fats can increase and maintain for a longer period of testosterone level. As the fish oil is in fact a healthy fat, it can help its users bodies to reach and maintain high levels of testosterone. And every athlete surely knows how important is too have high level of testosterone from natural sources.

Fish oil is also a cholesterol regulator. People suffering from high levels of bad cholesterol reported that after consuming for at least 4 weeks daily doses of fish oil, their cholesterol levels dropped to normal or even low cholesterol ones.

Still not convinced? Then here is the supreme advantage, offered only by  fish oil, advantage that will help a lot of athletes to reduce their body weight, without loosing muscles: it has been proven that the fish oil is an anti catabolic agent. Therefore, if it is used in the diets, it will help the muscles look and remain big.

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  1. Fish oil is believed to reduce the risk of heart attack. For this reason, experts in health-related fields have recommended fish that is rich in fish oil for frequent consumption. Besides reducing the risk of heart attack, there is evidence that consumption of fish oil works to reduce coronary heart disease risk as well. Fish oil is also believed to be helpful for lowering and regulating cholesterol levels in the body. Research has also shown a correlation between the consumption of fish oil and lowered blood pressure. For more information you can come and visit this site

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