Electronic cigarettes- the history behind it

The latest information concerning in the world is that the release of the new electric cigarettes. The scientists in the ASH known as the Action on Smoking and Health, the number of health experts who endorse the usage of Electric Cigarette, which is a healthier choice compared to regular tobacco cigarettes, is progressively growing. Due to the surfeit of information and placement efforts engaged by the anti-smoking society in the news, it has become slightly perplexing for the smokers, as wells as the ordinary, non-smoking people too.

About 90 percent of inhabitants in the region of North America consume caffeine in various forms everyday. Caffeine, which is similar to that of nicotine, causes tremendous addiction. But this does not concern them as they take in the caffeine in one form or the other. Both nicotine and caffeine are highly addictive, but anti-smoking troop, who want to provide the smokers with the right to use the electronic cigarettes, are cautious themselves to give up coffee, which is completely deceitful. There comes the advantage of theElectronic Cigarette .

Electric cigarettes, also known as personal vaporizers, e-cig, or E cigarettes, have become somewhat like a saving grace for many smokers who have tried in vain to get rid of the addiction, which is accountable for the deaths of millions of people every year. Long before the only option available for the smokers other than cigarettes was nicotine gums or nicotine patches, which are both very high-priced. Many smokers who want to come out of the smoking habits tried various products, which swear to diminish the hunger for smoking and Excessive Sweating , but at last these captivating pills were unsuccessful.

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