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15% OFF MusclePharm

Muscle up with these award winning supplements from Musclepharm.

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Muscle Pharm is a highly successful sports supplement company that was established by a team of experienced sports people, fitness industry experts, doctors and sports supplement gurus. Combined, they have a vast amount of experience and expertise that has lead to the development of a superior range of nutritional supplements that deliver promised results.

Muscle Pharm has developed three product lines that cater to the needs of every athlete and fitness enthusiast. The Muscle Pharm product lines were developed as a result of years of extensive research and utilize the very latest technology and science that has resulted in a first class sports supplement range.

The Hardcore Series was designed with the serious athlete in mind who wants to take their training and performance to the extreme. The five products in this series are designed to maximize muscle growth and repair, increase energy and endurance, stimulate the production of testosterone and natural human growth hormones and, essentially, optimize performance and recovery.

The Shred Series, consisting of Shred Matrix, is a three-phase program designed to strip body fat and develop a strong, lean physique in a short amount of time. This complete fat loss system utilizes natural compounds to metabolize fat at a faster rate and support the natural balance in the body.

The Fitgel Series was developed to promote lean muscle growth and assist in recovery. These products use profusion technology to deliver nutrients to the body at the fastest rate possible. Muscle Pharm has certainly taken performance nutrition to the next level with these products.

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